The Begleitbuch of Enigma M4 [Schlüssel ‘M’: Nr. M5270] from U-737

U-737 [Oblt. Friedrich-August Greus] sank at 0050hrs on 19 Dec, 1944 in the Vestfjorden, 68.09N, 15.39E, after a collision. Casualties were 31 dead with 20 survivors. The Begleitbuch was used to record the service of an Enigma and also to document damage or repairs. This book is Nr. M5270. Five entries were made between 19.1.43 and 8.10.44, all of which appear to relate to servicing and repairs. These images represent the book's cover and four of its pages. It is interesting to note that on the third of these pages the inventoried items include Umkehrwalze 'D' - apparently added as a 'pen and ink' entry and later deleted. 


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updated 06 February 2007

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