The Begleitbuch of Enigma M4 [Schlüssel ‘M’: Nr. M8434]

This Begleitbuch contains only a single 'log' page with entries - M8434 had a very short service life having entered service as late as July 1944, only ten months or so before the end of the war in Europe. Page 1 shows that its inventory comprised a full set of Wheels I-VIII, Zusatzwalzen Beta and Gamma, Umkehrwalzen 'thin' B and 'thin' C.

The following pages show the book's front cover, inside front cover, pages 1, 3, 4, 5 and the inside rear cover. All other pages are present but blank. It is in the collection of a private owner in the USA. For a translation of the log on Page 5 click here

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M8434 page_5.jpg (362958 bytes)

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updated 28 April 2011

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